A Trade Show for The Seafood and Meat Industries

In collaboration with PT Pelita Promo Internusa (PPI) as organizing committee, and supported by the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, the Cold Chain Association (Asosiasi Rantai Pendingin (ARPI)) as the host organizes international conference on food cooling technology, which will showcase the cold connection system on seafood and meat and poultry product. This event will be organized on October 2-4, 2014 at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran Hall D. This will also one of the most important events for the seafood and meat processing technology and industry.

Many enterprises in this sector coming from Indonesia and neighboring countries are eager to participate in the International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Conference and Expo 2014. Considering government’s program to empower the national seafood and meat products and to reduce imported food products or reduce our dependency on the products, especially with the fact that 2015 is the year of free trade between ASEAN Countries (ASEAN Economic Community), this event will help a lot of actors in this business in developing their businesses and strategy in facing the competition with other ASEAN countries’ products.

National production target on seafood sector in 2014 is 19.6 million tons or to grow for 20% in a year (6.5 million tons are sea weed production that do not need cold storage). In meat sector, the government’s target is 580 thousand tons for beef (import continues to reduce) and poultry (chicken and other birds) 3.7 million tons or 7-10% of growth in a year. National cold storage capacity in 2013 is only 7.2 million tons for seafood; 398 thousand tons for beef; and 1.9 million tons for poultry, which only grows for 10% in a year.

This event will present various latest refrigeration technology that are more environmental friendly and energy-safe from mainstream to downstream for logistic (cold and chill storage); trucking for land, sea and air, and the market for this product in both domestic and international can be managed well in retail or quota; the latest condition of national sea assets and national meat production, and other factors such as quality certification(HACCP & ISO), appropriate water management for food and beverage processing, and consultant services.

Aside from exhibition, this event is also equipped with the International Seafood Conference that will invite expert speakers, and the topics of the seminar vary from regulation and policy in supporting national fishery production, success stories from experts and international business actors that will give precious lessons learned for Indonesian practitioners, condition of fresh food products in Indonesia especially in their relaiton to cold chain system, applied technology and solution in overcoming infrastructure challenges such as electricity, roads, ports to the distribution cost of national fresh product to make it more competitive with other countries.

It is expected that investment on cold chain system can grow to meet government’s targets, which are 20% annually, while for supporting cold chain industry to grow 10% for the last three years. Existing problems will be a challenge, and a growing market is indeed an opportunity.


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