International Farming Technology Expo augments International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo with harmonizing success

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International Farming Technology Expo augments International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo with harmonizing success

Jakarta, 29 October 2015 - Held for over three days from the 15-17 October 2015 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, the second stage of International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo (IISM) is jointly held with the first edition of International Farming Technology Expo (IFT). IISM focused on cold chain innovations including cold storage infrastructure, temperature controlling, IT and handling solutions for cold storages, as well as cold chain technologies that complete the supply operations and distribution channels in the seafood, meat and other related cold chain industries. IFT puts forward advanced technologies to enhance further development in Indonesia’s farming and agricultural sector. Jointly held together, the two exhibitions are strengthened to feature over 190 exhibitors from 22 countries such as GSG International GmbH, Aspiraal Pte., Ltd, Bitzer Compressors Indonesia, PT, 2MBIO Co., Ltd., Lameks Dis Tic Ltd Sti, and many others. The exhibitions organized by PT Pelita Promo were endorsed by various government authorities including the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries as well as the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Focus on effective technologies to meet industry’s demand

Robust synergistic growth of Indonesia’s agricultural, seafood and meat production industries have fruitfully paved the synergistic staging of the much-awaited exhibitions of IISM & IFT. With heightened spotlight on relevant technologies, Sofianto Widjaja, Managing Director of PT Pelita Promo, emphasized “IISM is a cold chain and technology exhibition that supports the development in fishery. Moreover, the synergy with IFT will provide added value for horticultural industries and food industry as a whole. The number of exhibitors that participated is higher than before with wider internationality. In the future, we are set to expand the event to be much bigger.”

Dr. Ir. Nur Masripatin, MSc – Director General of Ministry of Environment highlighted the importance of these two exhibitions for national industry development whereby; “The industry development is an integral part of our national development goal that also support our international commitment towards environmental uplift. The national economic development which boosted by local industry growth that paved by these companies is expected to overcome the various environmental challenges experienced by this nation and in tandem encourage competitiveness in the technological field.”

Ari Pasek, Chapter President of ASHRAE also added his view about the importance of these two exhibitions, “Currently, cold chain is very important in Indonesia because we are trying to secure our food security; hence all the aspects have to be improved including refrigeration and air conditioning.

The government has already realized its impact and provides grand incentives for some local producers to accommodate to the changes. The importance of events such as IISM and IFT is crucial to encourage exchange of information on new technology.” Adding further, Iwan Chandra, Chapter Vice President ASHRAE who represents Snowkey, Snowman Mandiri Indonesia, PT, said “It is very clear that our future is energy saving, to use more natural refrigerant  that is more high-tech. Therefore, exhibiting at these events is very important to us and I hope that we can also join the next exhibition.”

The perfect platform for international players to enter Indonesian market

IISM and IFT are important exhibitions for exhibitors to observe potential client in Indonesia, especially in this buoyant development of national industry to go further in international market as well as strengthen the local supply capabilities. Yasuhiro (Yass) Nakao, Executive General Manager (DENSO International Asia PTE LTD) said “Bringing mobile type container and truck container, this year we have many customers. I believe that cold chain market in Indonesia is growing, therefore it is a good opportunity for us to exhibit.” For Anand Joshi, Vice President AAR of Manik Engineers India, “Indonesia is a potential market for ammonia and we are looking for distributors and contractors to get us into this market. We are encouraged to come because the seafood market here in Indonesia is growing with big potential. Definitely we will come again at the next exhibition.”

In addition, Ahmed Charah & Paul Eeckhout, Export Manager & Area Sales Manager (ISOCAB NV) believed “Indonesia has big potential in cold store since high quality cold store is being searched here. We have received very good reactions for our products because we have introduced new systems to meet the demands.” The industry’s huge market opportunities are also evident for the farming technology sector as Halis Yavuz, Export Manager from LAMEKS said “We choose Indonesia due to the huge population of 250 million people. The agriculture industry is one of the important businesses in Indonesia. We get many potential customers at this exhibition. We are looking to enter the Indonesian market as soon as possible.”

Local players eying to expand business scope across archipelagos and penetrate global market 

Noting the huge market potencies to connect across archipelagos along with the potencies for Indonesia to be the prominent exporter in fishery and agricultural commodities, the local players are set to make this exhibition a huge success in making major deals. From IISM side, for local industry player like Wiwie Lim, Managing Director of PT Digi Indonesia, “The exhibition has been great, we enjoyed it very much. We have potential customers that come here searching for solutions for their business which can be done with our machine. I believe there is a growing market where the mind set is changing with people wanting more efficiency, food delivered cleanly and more hygienic.”

According to Hery Purwanto of Thermo King, “The utilization of refrigerator in Indonesia is constantly growing. Currently, the sales are growing and we hope that through this exhibition, it can helped us grow our sales a lot more as the visitors that came are perfectly targeted and they are also perfect for our product.”

While from IFT, established industry players including PT Hydrofarm Indonesia, PT Bukaka Teknik Utama, PT Honda Power Indonesia, and PT Buhler Indonesia, showcased their latest innovations for the farming and agriculture side. For Wirawan Hartawan, CEO of PT Hydrofarm Indonesia, the exhibition had provided him with, “This is truly a very good show, we give two thumbs up for Pelita Promo for organizing such a great event. We get so many potential customers. The visitors we’ve got were from agriculture and farming technology industry.” Commenting on the positive outcome gained also, Eka Nugraha from PT Honda Power Indonesia, shared “During the three days event, we got so many qualified buyers especially in cultivator industry.  We are excited to participate for next year’s event.”

Satisfied visitors gained exclusive networking opportunities and valuable business knowledge

With the support of established industry partners that include the Cold Chain Centre (Asia), South Australian Freight Council from Australia, Institute Technology of Bandung, Indonesia Fishery Product Processing and Marketing Association and The Indonesia Food and Beverage Association, as well as industry associations including Indonesian Agricultural Machinery Association (ALSINTANI), Indonesian Rice Millers and Rice Traders Association (PERPADI), and Poultry Breeders Association (GPPU) from the agricultural sector, IFT and IISM attracted some 9,455 visitors representing importers, exporters, traders, vendors, transportation and storage companies, farmer cooperatives and other related trade professionals from around Indonesia and the region.

Mr. Sultan from UNILEVER shared, “I think it's great as I can see the cold chain and cold store, refrigerator as well as freezer and many others. This is my first visit at IISM and I managed to find several interesting things so I really think that this event is good and provides a wide range from upstream to downstream.” Agus Heriyanto & Petroes Soetikno, Sales & Account Manager of PT Huntsman shared that the event is good, they can see lots of companies and lots of visitors came. This is their first visit at IISM and they are here to understand the industry development and managed to find several prospects here.

Over at IFT, visitors such as Sittiphun Sangjitphu from Sakpattana, Thailand was happy and said “We come to see the farming machine and technology in Indonesia. We get a lot of knowledge and information about the farming technology at IFT 2015.” Joining his excitement is Wiriyanto, CEO from PT Kencana Cemerlang Mandiri, said “The exhibition is good, the venue and the service is surprisingly great. IFT 2015 gave us inspiration about the newest technology in Farming Industry.”

IISM and IFT will return on 26 to 28 October 2016. For more information on the exhibitions, please visit or contact PT. Pelita Promo Internusa.

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